Welcome to Memory Ball!

right here Founded in 2011, Memory Ball is a Toronto-based charity event working to educate young people about Alzheimer’s disease and empower them to raise money for caregiver support and medical research. Each year, funds raised through Memory Ball are donated to the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

Our Mission

  1. Dispel the myth that Alzheimer’s disease only affects the elderly and reduce the stigma around early on-set Alzheimer’s.
  2. Support caregivers by advocating on their behalf, and providing emotional and financial resources.
  3. Conquer the disease within our lifetime by funding research for a cure.
  4. Teach young people on how to keep their brains healthy, longer.

check over here We share the Alzheimer Society of Toronto’s vision – a world without Alzheimer’s disease. We are thankful for their continued support and resources in pursuit of our mission. For more information on their organization, services, and yearly events, visit https://alz.to/

Jane Holland-Poirier passed away surrounded by her family on October 14, 2019. Daughter of Stanley Butler and Nesta Lewis of Hampton-in-Arden, England. A beautiful mind, Jane’s brilliance was evident through her completion of degrees at Bristol and Harvard University, and her international renowned public relations firm, Lewis Carroll Communications.

Jane moved to Canada where she met her husband and love of her life, Clarence Poirier. The couple had two beautiful girls, Carolyn and Claire. A wonderful mother, capable of planning the most enviable parties, Jane had a true zest for life. Known for lighting up a room with her unmatched smile and a dance floor with her perfect rendition of Brown Sugar, she will be missed by many.

Til Morning Light to our Dancing Queen.

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