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Memory Ball Toronto is back with its Sixth Annual Gala Event, proudly hosted by the Young Leaders Council of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto
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Author: Gayle Ryan

There’s no question that Alzheimer’s disease is life changing, both for the individual with the disease and for his or her friends and family. On top of coping with the disease itself, individuals and families who are dealing with a diagnosis must also face the stigma and lack of public understanding around Alzheimer’s. This stigma can prevent people from seeking medical treatment when symptoms are present, which can prevent them from receiving an early diagnosis or any diagnosis at all. It can prevent them from planning for the future and benefiting from available treatments. And, it can prevent people from developing a support system and living their best possible life while they are still able to do so. We want to change this.

by: Sarah Ohm merunning We all know the benefits of exercise on your body... but have you ever thought about the impact of exercise on your brain and mental health? To keep things simple, think of your brain like any other part of your body... if you don’t use it, you lose it, right? You lift heavy weights in the gym to keep your body sharp, just like you can perform brain fitness programs to keep your memory sharp... but there are definitely some benefits of exercising, especially cardiovascular exercise, on the brain specifically.

Written by: Sarah Ohm 06 10 2013 Brain Health berriesWhen it comes to health, not so often does “brain health” come to mind first. Most people focus on eating to lose weight, or eating to gain muscle mass... but what about eating for brain health? Do you know that certain nutrients in food can help improve memory, or improve the area of the brain that processes feelings and emotions? How about eating foods that will decrease the chances of developing any form of dementia?