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    Caitlin Johnston’s Story

    buy Lyrica in uk This is a guest post by Caitlin Johnston, the founder and CEO of Memory Mats, a product that aims to help recollection in Alzheimer’s patients. Caitlin and FFAB became connected through their passion of helping people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families – as well as saving memories. Caitlin also founded the Purple Elephant Campaign to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s – at the younge age of 25! We wanted to share her story with you to give a different perspective on the disease to the ones we’ve been posting recently. We hope you enjoy her story! At 21 years old and I had entered into what seemed at the time to…

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    Through the Eyes of Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

    http://www.abracatrena.com/1034-dte91953-free-dating-sites-for-women-who-are-50.html We made this video to give you an idea of what it’s like to live with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s isn’t just forgetting where you put your glasses or your keys or what you had for breakfast. It’s not knowing how to dress yourself in the morning or who your children are. Thank you for supporting Memory Ball and the 500,000+ Canadians who have Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. Special thanks to our production team and directors: Justin Moy and Kevin Esconde of Green Pink & Yellow Productions.

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    How Much Money Did You Help Us Raise?

    have a peek at this website We are thrilled to announce  the success of Memory Ball 2013, otherwise known as the party of the year. We had an absolute ‘ball’ with all of you and we hope you enjoyed the night – the Feature Foods’ herring and vodka bar, Toben hors d’oeuvres, the stocked silent auction, the dancing, the Infinity Photo Booth (follow the link for photos) and all the night had to offer… as much as we did. With your help, we were able to raise $35,000 for the Alzheimer Society of Toronto!  For more pictures, visit our Facebook page. To date, Friends for a Benefit and Memory Ball have raised over $55,000 in just two years!…

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    Memory Ball 2013 is a Wrap!

    What an amazing night! We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did. Thank you for all your support last night and over the weeks and months leading up to the event. We will be announcing the final amount raised over the next week Please take the opportunity to fill out our survey which will help us with sponsorship as well as make Memory Ball 2014 more enjoyable. We are happy to announce the raffle winners, please cross check your tickets against the list below. To claim your prize please reply to this email or contact our event manager, Megan Shaw via email at megan [at] memoryball.org Men’s Fashion Package – 635347…

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    Memory Ball 2013 Logistics and Free Rides from UBER

    The big day has almost arrived and we couldn’t be anymore excited! With your help we’ve sold out the event once again! The Friends for a Benefit team has a few simple reminders before tomorrow night. Arrival: Doors will be open from 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Tickets: We will be able to scan your barcode from smartphone or should you prefer to print out a the confirmation of your ticket we will be accepting the hard copies as well. Silent Auction & Raffle: We have absolutely amazing silent auction and raffle items available and we will be accepting cash or cheque while also having payment terminals that accept Visa,…