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Introducing Memory Ball 2017’s MC – Caroline Cameron

Caroline Cameron is a national sports broadcaster and anchor of Sportsnet Central based in Toronto. While sports are her passion, she’s heavily involved in charity including the Alzheimer Society of Canada. We’re thrilled that she’ll be our MC at the 6th Annual Memory Ball, taking place on Saturday, April 1st at Toronto’s Palais Royale Ballroom.

Get to know Caroline and what to expect at this year’s Memory ball in this interview we did with her. 

caroline cameron 2017 memory ball mc
What’s your connection to Alzheimer’s disease?
I’m very close with my Grandma, Shirley who lives with Vascular Dementia. I’ve seen first hand how difficult it can be for both her and our family to continually adjust to the new reality that Dementia presents. When I wasn’t living in the same city as my Grandma, I volunteered at seniors homes each week to provide social visits. It’s one thing to be cared for, but it’s another to still be able to connect with others and be heard.
What’s the one thing you think everyone should know about Alzheimer’s disease?
Although the disease changes who you once knew, the essence of that person is still there. It’s important to treat them with dignity, respect and sensitivity. While certain abilities will be lost, their emotions and feelings remain and they need your support and patience. Try to put yourself in their shoes.
We heard you’re a Dementia Friend! What’s the coolest thing about being a Dementia Friends?
Being a Dementia Friend just means you’ll be understanding to those living with Dementia. It’s about spreading awareness and turning that into action.
What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Memory Ball?
The party! It’s going to be an awesome night for a great cause. See you all there!


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