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    2015 Raffle Winners

    Check the numbers below to see if you’ve won! To claim your item(s), please email info@memoryball.org and include your ticket number in the subject line.  $50 Gift Card at Want Boutique: 411635 2 Entry tickets to Mud Hero Toronto: 716513 2 Entry tickets to Mud Hero Urban: 411115 Cineplex Fun Pack: 411643 Cineplex Fun Pack #2: 146803 $75 Bluboho Gift Card: 146993 Couples Onesies: 146785 2 Tickets to Big Brother Canada: 411606 Native Male Canadian Print: 146980 KIND Gift Basket: 198003 Wellness Package: 146912 WAXON Gift Basket: 411604 Pamper Him Gift Basket: 716467 Pamper Her Gift Basket: 146746 Tea Leaf Co Gift Basket: 410805 $50 Gift Certificate at The County…

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    Introducing Memory Ball’s 2015 MC: Amanda Logan

    Amanda Logan is an on-air personality at popular Toronto radio station Z103.5. On Saturday, March 28th, Amanda is the master of ceremonies for the sold out 4th ever Memory Ball which takes place at Palais Royale. Here, she tells us about her history with Alzheimer’s.  I’m so honoured to be hosting the Memory Ball 2015. Here’s a bit about myself and my relationship with Alzheimer’s Disease. Like many, it was affected me and my family directly. When I was younger, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. I grew up around it. My parents sat me down as a little girl, and explained to me why grandma couldn’t…

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    Get Workout Ready for Memory Ball with Christie Preston’s Workout

    Christie Preston of Preston Fitness and the Beauty and the Bod Blog has been a longtime supporter and friend of Memory Ball. Christie is a stellar personal and group trainer who promotes healthy habits and exercise as a way to live a better life — and trust us when we say, her enthusiasm is infectious. Not only that, but Christie has a very positive view on working out, she believes in balance. We love her because she won’t make us feel badly about having a cupcake or 2, but… she may make us do extra burpees. We hope you love this video as much as we love working out with Christie. 

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    Dill-icious Appetizer: Dill Herring from Feature Foods

    Despite the fact that pickled herring has been popular since medieval times, and despite spending an entire summer in Poland (where this dish is quite popular) in high school, I hadn’t actually tried pickled herring until I decided to experiment using some of Feature Foods Seafood products. In Poland I had never even noticed this Eastern European favourite, which probably had nothing to do with all of the handmade pierogies and Polish baked doughnuts made fresh every day by my friend’s Babcia…

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    The Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice

    January has come and gone, but your resolution to be more active doesn’t need to. Our guest blogger, Kathleen Beveridge, has provided some yoga tips that will keep your brain and body healthy, and help you stay on track with your workout routine. Regular yoga practice, meditation and physical postures are starting to spread as more and more research is done on the benefits of these activities. Let’s discuss how yoga can help those with Alzheimer’s, as well as how yoga helps to stimulate brain health. For those already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, incorporating a regular yoga practice (with modifications and adjustments based on stage of the disease) allows for gentle…