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    Give the Gift of Memory Ball the Holiday Season

    Feel like you have too much ‘stuff’ and are dreading yet another lackluster gift? Do you believe that the key to happiness isn’t about accumulating stuff but accumulating experiences? The above questions were our inspiration behind our latest Holiday promotion. Choose one (or more!) of the below graphics to let your loved ones know what you’d like them to get you. We’ll then let them know how they can get you a ticket to Toronto’s most unforgettable party. Tickets cost $125.00 and include access to an open bar, hors d’oeuvres, bumpin’ music and fun throughout the night! The event takes place on Saturday, March 29th, 2014 at 8pm at Andrew…

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    Yoga and Meditation: Keeping the Brain Healthy

    Written by: Kathleen Beveridge Lying on your back, feet hip width apart or wider, begin to notice your breathing. Inhale, the belly rises. Exhale, the belly falls. Your breath moves to the tips of your fingers, tips of your toes, the top of your head.  Notice your breath move through you. As you inhale the tide comes up to your toes and as you exhale the tide goes out, drawing your body closer to the ground as the sand pulls away. Gently, the earth cradles your entire body as the tide and your breath moves in and out. Taking moments for yourself in a world that never stops can be energizing,…

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    Eating for Brain Health

    Written by: Sarah Ohm When it comes to health, not so often does “brain health” come to mind first. Most people focus on eating to lose weight, or eating to gain muscle mass… but what about eating for brain health? Do you know that certain nutrients in food can help improve memory, or improve the area of the brain that processes feelings and emotions? How about eating foods that will decrease the chances of developing any form of dementia?

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    Get Ready for Memory Ball 2014!

    The date is set: Get out your dancing shoes on Saturday March 29 for the third Annual Memory Ball. The gala will raise money for the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and will be held at Andrew Richard Designs in Toronto, which, if you don’t know from previous years, is a pretty awesome locale. Wondering what to expect at Memory Ball 2014? We’re bringing back all of the fan favourites from previous years, including an open bar, silent auction, and great music, and we’re also adding a few surprises to the bill. Check out the photos from last year to see how much fun you’ll have at Memory Ball 2014. Memory…

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    Memory Ball 2013 is a Wrap!

    What an amazing night! We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did. Thank you for all your support last night and over the weeks and months leading up to the event. We will be announcing the final amount raised over the next week Please take the opportunity to fill out our survey which will help us with sponsorship as well as make Memory Ball 2014 more enjoyable. We are happy to announce the raffle winners, please cross check your tickets against the list below. To claim your prize please reply to this email or contact our event manager, Megan Shaw via email at megan [at] memoryball.org Men’s Fashion Package – 635347…