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    Need a Dress for Memory Ball 2014? Why Not Rent?

    Now in our third year of organizing Memory Ball, we’ve gotten into the groove of planning: Venue booked? Check! Caterers on board? Check! Tickets sold? Check, check, check! However, there’s one area the Friends for a Benefit (FFAB)/ Young People Against Alzheimer’s (YPAA) team always gets a teensy bit stressed over – the Memory Ball outfit. Luckily for us, beginning in 2012, we found out about Rent Frock Repeat, a Toronto-based company that actually lets you rent designer frocks for a fraction of the retail price. The best part? Rent Frock Repeat is donating 10% to Memory Ball from each rental that uses the code MEMORY14.

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    Dill-icious Appetizer: Dill Herring from Feature Foods

    Despite the fact that pickled herring has been popular since medieval times, and despite spending an entire summer in Poland (where this dish is quite popular) in high school, I hadn’t actually tried pickled herring until I decided to experiment using some of Feature Foods Seafood products. In Poland I had never even noticed this Eastern European favourite, which probably had nothing to do with all of the handmade pierogies and Polish baked doughnuts made fresh every day by my friend’s Babcia…