Welcome to MemoryBall.org’s brand new blog on our gorgeous (if we do say so ourselves) new website. Tune in to read about everything we can’t fit within 140 characters or in an Instagram photo. The Friends for a Benefit (FFAB) committee members will be writing about their thoughts on Alzheimer’s, Memory Ball, our sponsors and anything else wonderful going on as we gear up to Saturday, March 23rd. We hope you enjoy reading this blog and please tweet, post or email us if you have any thoughts or concerns, or would like to write a blog post of your own.

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    Let The Games Begin!

    Our silent auction has officially gone LIVE!!! Here are our top picks – let the bidding wars begin!!! *A selection of items can be seen at www.givergy.ca/memoryball2018 and bidding is open until Saturday November 17 at 11pm* Signed Auston Matthews Maple Leafs Jersey Blessed by Auston Matthews – need we say more? Ollie Quinn Package If you don’t already know about Ollie Quinn – you’ll need to get yourself out to one of their boutiques, quick!!! Ollie Quinn is a UK-based eyewear retailer that offers everything you need to give your eyes some love! Their frames, lenses and coatings are presented as one all-inclusive product offered at very reasonable prices.…

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    I Mourn The Person She Was

    Most of my cherished childhood memories involve my Grandma, Shirley. Sunday night family dinners, road trips, holidays; no matter the occasion, she has always been there. But when she was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, we started losing her. Yes, physically she’s still present, but she’s not the person she once was. Her essence remains, but the disease has taken away the sharp, engaged woman I grew up with. I mourn the person she was while she’s still living. Dementia is difficult for everyone involved: the families who patiently care for their loved ones, the friends who lose their support system, and for the afflicted themselves, who have to continually adapt…

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    I Have Alzheimer’s

    By Rick Phelps, diagnosed at 57. I watched both my father and mother die atrocious deaths. Cancer. It was a horrible death. The pain they both went through was terrible. I have seen death, more times then I want to imagine. Working in EMS, Law Enforcement, you see things people do to one another and sometimes it’s just unbelievable. Like many others I have always felt I had seen it all. But then this disease came into our lives and things changed drastically. Nothing was the same, nothing would ever be the same. It’s a terrible thing to know what is happening to you and not be able to do…

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    Brain Health With Ariel Garten

    How to Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age There are so many things that we are told that we should do for our body’s health – eat right, exercise, destress – but we are rarely told what we should do for our brain’s health. It turns out that the things we do for our body also support our brain. Certain diet and lifestyle choices can have a positive effect on brain aging. Read on to find out what you can do, or may already be doing, to protect your brain. Exercise Exercise is not just great for your body, it also supercharges your brain and can help delay symptoms…

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    Caregiving With Tech

    1) What is your background as a caregiver and technology user and was using tech in the home to aid in caring for your Father a natural step for you? I was a caregiver for my dad who lived with Alzheimer’s for 10+ years until his peaceful passing away at his home in early 2018. I have utilized technologies as tools during our journey for many years and present for Alzheimer Societies, Universities, Innovators and Police on technology and dementia. I didn’t start using technology tools and aids until we were taking on some dangerous safety challenges such as him going missing during his walks or quietly leaving home at…