Could Beer Help Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer's? - Memory Ball
Memory Ball Toronto is back with its Sixth Annual Gala Event, proudly hosted by the Young Leaders Council of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto
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Could Beer Help Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s?

Could Beer Help Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s?

Like most urbanites, I enjoy a good drink on a Friday or Saturday night.  I’ve read countless studies about the benefits of red wine for heart health, or even more recently how it may be more effective than a trip to the gym[i] although I’m not sure if I believe that one.   However, there hasn’t been much attention on the (health) benefits of beer drinking, until now.

A recent study noted that beer hops have a property that can help protect brain cells[ii]. Apparently, this can help prevent the development of neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. As a Memory Ball executive, and member of the Alzheimer’s community, this is a very exciting discovery!

My taste for beer has developed overnight, which is perfect because for the first time in Memory Ball history, we will be welcoming a Beer Sponsor to our event! Woodhouse Brewing Co. is a local brewery with a growing following in Toronto. It’s got an unmistakable blue can (completely in line with our Memory Ball branding by the way), and only uses four ingredients, water, barley, hops and yeast[iii].  Woodhouse is small batch, craft brewing at its finest.woodhouse lager

The current flagship beer from Woodhouse Brewing Co. is an easy drinking amber lager that is craft-brewed for an easy drinking, smooth taste.  Launched last summer, you can already find Woodhouse Lager at many Toronto locations: 416 Snackbar,  Bar Fancy, Hopgood’s Foodliner, Patois, Big Crow… and the list goes on.

Although I am not a big beer drinker – and this is changing, as mentioned above – I thoroughly enjoy this lager. It’s smooth, delicious… any more commentary from me may come across completely unqualified but regardless we know you’ll enjoy this addition to the evening, and should you wish to try Woodhouse before March 28th, check out their website or Instagram for a full list of great spots where you can enjoy a Woodhouse lager!

And as always, please remember to drink responsibly!

Thanks Graham – the team and I are looking forward to having you and Woodhouse at Memory Ball on March 28th!





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