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How I’ll Remember You

Young Caregivers Read Letters To Their Parents With Alzheimer’s

Every year at Memory Ball, we want to make sure everyone knows why they’re attending our event. Yes, Memory Ball was the party of the year, with an animated-GIF photo booth, watercolour portrait artist Beckie di Leo, an unreal silent auction and raffle, cooler than cool DJs Alex Tribe and Guillaume Viau, burritos and of course our sexy sax band, Sax 5th Avenue.

But, what’s most important about Memory Ball is raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. Without awareness, we can’t vanquish this terrible disease. This is why we had a Wall of Memories, where we asked guests to contribute photos of loved ones affected by the disease for guests to see and reflect on the lives touched by Alzheimer’s. One of the highlights of the evening for the organizing committee is the video we show about Alzheimer’s. We feel that the video portion anchors the event into the cause and motivates attendees to truly end Alzheimer’s for good.

The amazingly talented Kath Fudurich (Head of Community Outreach at Memory Ball) filmed Memory Ball caregivers Claire Poirier, Katie Johns and Kath’s own twin brother, Jamie Fudurich reading letters to their parents with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Claire, Katie and Jamie were all in their teens when their respective parents were diagnosed with a form of Alzheimer’s or dementia. The video is moving and there was nary a dry eye in sight when we showed it to our guests. Afterwards, a touched Cathy Barrick (our favourite CEO) declared that we would “kick Alzheimer’s ass” to the cheering crowd.

Please watch and share the video.

Thank you to Memory Ball’s presenting sponsor Feature Foods in addition to RBC, Dr. Daniel C. Andreae, J.P. Wiser’s Whisky, Absolut Vodka, PB Marketing, Cadillac, Bell, Stikeman Elliot, JC Clark Investments, Rady-Pentek & Edward Surveying, Woodhouse Brewing Company, Michael Kors and Langton Communications.

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