Memory Ball 2016,  Toronto Events

Memory Ball 2016 Signature Cocktails

Presented by J.P. Wiser’s Whisky and Absolut Vokda

This year, thanks to our friends at Corby, we bring you not one but TWO signature cocktails. The first, the Canadian Mule, showcases a much-beloved Canadian whisky, while the second, features the always in-style ABSOLUT Vodka. Check them out on April 2nd, or if you won’t be in attendance, try them out at home.

Let us know which one is your favourite!

Canadian Mule

1.5 oz. J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe

0.5 oz. fresh lime

top up with ginger beer

Garnish: lime wheel

Method: Fill Old Fashioned glass with ice, add whisky, lime juice, and top up with ginger beer and give it a couple stirs with a spoon. Place lime wheel on the edge of glass.

wiser's memory ball

Absolut Southside

1.5oz Absolut Vodka

0.5oz Fresh Lemon Juice

0.5oz Simple Syrup

2-4oz Soda Water


Method: Place 5 mint leaves in the bottom of a Collins glass and muddle. Fill glass with ice and add Absolut, lemon, simple syrup then top with soda. Stir with a bar spoon then garnish with a sprig of mint.absolut south side

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