Memory Ball 2017 – Raffle Winners

We are still in awe of everyone who joined us to help end Alzheimer’s at Palais Royale on April 1st!

Thank you to all those who bought raffle tickets to help us raise some much-needed funds for the Alzheimer Society of Toronto!

Congratulations to the winners!

Here are the winning ticket numbers:

Pizza Pizza 278623 Yellow

Land Art 7754035 Blue

Tea Pigs 7754194 Blue

McGregor Socks 278737 Yellow

Mud Hero 435107 Yellow

Via Rail 9650576 Blue

Floral Teacups Succulents 435480 Yellow

GotStyle 435539 Yellow

Rent Frock Repeat 435603 Yellow

Hershey 9650570 Blue

Honest Leaf Tea 435540 Yellow

Innis & Gunn 7754123 Blue

Langton PR Beauty Basket  7754119 Blue

Watersports 278666 Yellow

Henderson Brweery 9650658 Blue

Camp Tech 9650655 Blue

Waxon 7753927 Blue


Pick ups can be made between 9am and 5pm at the Alzheimer Society of Toronto (20 Eglinton Avenue West).

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