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Announcing Memory Ball’s 2017 Theme

For the first time ever, we’ve become inspired to have a theme for Memory Ball. In choosing a theme, it had to be relevant to the cause, and of course a lot of fun. As such, Claire has come up with a beautifully meaningful theme for our sixth event. We hope Claire’s post inspires you to join us in our quest to end Alzheimer’s and of course join us for the party of the year, Memory Ball 2017 on Saturday, April 1st at Palais Royale. Without further ado, please read Claire’s thoughts behind this year’s theme of “Mind the Gap.”

If you’re familiar with my story you would know that my mother was a British immigrant, and if you had the chance to meet her, she wouldn’t let you forget it! My mum grew up in London in the 60’s which lead to her becoming quite the BritPop devotee. I grew up dancing in the kitchen with her to the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and the Kinks. Eager to go home, Christmas 2000 was the year she brought my father, sister and I across the pond. This was my first experience in England, and it was an experience I will never forget.

claire poirier and family in london england
Claire and her parents in London, 2000.

Once there, we ventured on the London tube (AKA the subway). As we got onto our first train the announcer roared the phrase “Mind the Gap.” Recounting this experience was the inspiration I needed in the creation of Memory Ball’s theme for 2017.

Now, I know you probably are not seeing how “Mind the Gap” correlates to Alzheimer’s…

Paul Smith, one of Britain’s most prominent designers once said,

“You Can Find Inspiration In Everything*

*And If You Can’t, Look Again.”

Though in its literal sense, the phrase is a warning to the subway passenger to be conscious of the gap while getting on, I thought it tied in with Alzheimer’s disease impeccably. Within the Alzheimer’s world, there are substantial gaps in things such as education, research, a National Dementia Strategy (in Canada), not to mention the gaps in memory and day-to-day function the individual loses. Most importantly the largest gap is a cure. As we work toward bridging these gaps, we strive to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease forever.

This year the theme is the British Invasion to pay homage to “Mind the Gap” – let’s celebrate as they did in by coming together to close the Gap!


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