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Memory Ball Toronto is back with its Sixth Annual Gala Event, proudly hosted by the Young Leaders Council of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto
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Emma Mckay is a guest blogger for Memory Ball. She joined the Memory Ball team to help raise awareness of Alzheimer's Disease, and to support her mother who has early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. She is in her final semester of her Political Science and Communications program at McGill University. She loves sports, being active, and writing. She hopes that sharing her story will help others that are dealing with a diagnosis.  When I was seventeen years old, about a month before my high school graduation, I learned of my fifty-one year old mother’s diagnosis with early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Having just finalized my acceptance to McGill University, and being about to embark on an entirely new and amazing chapter of life, learning this news completely changed my life, as well as my entire family’s. It is not that the diagnosis itself came completely out of nowhere; we had been noticing small changes in my mother for a while, but the finality of a diagnosis, especially an irreversible and ultimately terminal disease such as Alzheimer’s, is truly a heart breaking thing to deal with. [caption id="attachment_2139" align="aligncenter" width="300"]photo of emma and family Emma (second from right) and her family[/caption]

Our Kathryn Fudurich shares her Mother's Day with us. She gave her mother, Pat Stanford-Fudurich, a book titled My Mother is Mine by Marion Dane Bauer and read it with her. This video is especially bittersweet because Pat has a rare form of early-onset Alzheimer's which has seriously affected her ability to read - as you'll see with this book that only has one sentence per page. Pat has a Masters in Education, is a former English teacher and librarian, and has always loved reading.