World Alzheimer’s Day 2016 – Kath and her mom, Pat

This World Alzheimer’s Day, please take the opportunity to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, the stigma around it and the people with it and their caregivers.

Kath Fudurich has used modern technology to capture intimate moments with her mom, Pat, to document and share what it’s like loving someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Check out this snapshot of their lives below.

In Kath’s words:

“September is #WorldAlzheimersMonth. Please learn a little more about this incurable and untreatable disease beyond what you see in Still Alice, The Notebook or that Justin Timberlake movie, Friends With Benefits…look around www.worldalzmonth.org or Memory Ball!
September also happens to be the month of my birth. Society is obsessed with staying young but I think it’s important that we are reminded, aging is a privilege. Oftentimes, when I see senior women out and about rollin’ solo, my first thought is ‘I wonder what Mom’s life could have been like now’ and ‘I hope I get to be an old lady too’. If you’re fortunate enough to have a mind that you can dig into for all of life’s precious moments that make you who you are, from big landmarks to the intimate day to day conversations, you have it all. Try not to take your memories for granted, they are what we rely on to define, identify, and understand ourselves. 💕
This is NOT a normal part of aging, we must find treatment, we must find a cure.
Here’s me with my favourite person this week❤️apparently a Kathryn visit isn’t nearly as interesting asGeoff…or Johnny or James!”

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  • Liz Etherington

    I am a researcher working on a CBC documentary about caregivers of dementia patients who are family members. Could someone from the Memory Ball organization please contact me at eli54@sympatico.ca

    Liz Etherington

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